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Coming Home to Self - Trauma Healing with Christina Coons, LCSW

‘The work’ of healing from trauma involves an intricate, delicate, and incredibly empowering process of what I call ‘coming home to yourself’. Trauma manifests out of harrowing experiences which have made you feel unsafe in the world and unsafe in your body.

Trauma lives in the body— and the body never forgets so it is important to address the mind-body connection in the healing and treatment of trauma. I share this concept with my clients who are struggling with PTSD/complex trauma and encourage a healing path that will help them find home and safety within themselves again. Finding and exploring various styles of dance and movement throughout the last decade of my own adult life, while also engaging with more traditional forms of psychotherapy has been integral in my own personal healing journey.

Complex and pervasive trauma often has an impact on the way we develop and grow into our attachment styles. You may find yourself highly anxious, preoccupied or extremely avoidant in your relationships with others, as a result of enduring traumatic experiences. It takes real work to get to a place of feeling secure with yourself, and with others— but it is possible.

Once you recognize that home does not lie in a place, destination, or most of all, in another person— you can begin the process of setting yourself free. Taking the time to ‘just be’ with yourself and finding comfort in time spent with you is key in this healing process. Home was and has been within you, all along.

You can be your safe place.

You can harness your power.

Come home to yourself, darling.

It’s your time to bloom.

I can provide a safe space for trauma informed, holistic, strengths based and person centered care. I am currently accepting new clients based in NY & CA.

To book a free phone consultation, DM or e-mail me at


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