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Community mental health

What is community mental health?

  • A community mental health clinic aims to prevent, treat, and care for their community members’ mental and behavioral health.

  • In California, community mental health centers try to provide affordable comprehensive care.

  • Services may include inpatient treatment, outpatient therapy, group therapy, and diagnostic evaluation. Some community mental health clinics offer specialities such as substance abuse or those experiencing chronic mental illness.

How can you find a community mental health center?

  • You can also ask your primary doctor, your health insurance, or your behavioral health care provider for referrals.

  • Connect with government resources, such as SAMHSA, state and county agencies, and HRSA.

  • Look into your college or university-they may offer counseling or have referrals.


Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #130826

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #11062

Under the Supervision of Yael Eiserike LCSW #75053

Phone: 424-226-2651

Savannah is currently accepting new clients!


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