How to COLLAGE ~ A Therapeutic Art Activity for Kids and Teens

by Adelaide Rowe, AMFT

“I love using collage as a therapeutic art technique because it's great for people of all artistic levels. For children and teens going back to school, it can be fun and inspiring to start the year with a "Vision Board" or dream collage. Making a collage can help a child or teen start to think of their dreams and goals, and it can be a helpful physical reminder of these goals throughout the school year! To make a collage, you can choose photos from magazines, catalogs, the internet, or personal photo albums and glue them to a large piece of paper or poster board. The photos chosen can be images that inspire, represent a goal, or just interest you!”

Adelaide Rowe, AMFT #115051, APCC #6740

Supervised by Andrea Najemy, LMFT #90985

Adelaide specializes in work with teens, emerging adults, and young adults. Clients often comment that they enjoy her humor and how relaxed and supported they feel in session. Adelaide takes the time to listen and has a genuine desire to understand her client's experience.

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