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Minority Mental Health Awareness by Veronique Lin, LMFT

Honoring Minority Mental Health Awareness Month With Veronique Lin, LMFT

Sometimes part of the work is about deconstructing. The voices that hold privilege have also conceived of so much of the language and framework we use in conceiving of wellness. In the therapy room, we explore the ways in which you’ve inherited these structures, including in interactions with the health and wellness industries. Racism, Classism, Colorism, Xenophobia, Sexism, Heterosexism, Homophobia, Transphobia exist to silence. Part of our work is to orient you to new or previously unseen perspectives so we can build a framework for wellness that aligns with your experiential landscape.

Veronique Lin, LMFT #118759

Making space to sit with yourself, for yourself, is a courageous step down the road less traveled. I believe in the power of authenticity, and of cultivating trust and a mutually-built atmosphere in the therapy room to support your growth. In our sessions, I will work to provide you in turn with a secure base, a mirror, a teammate, a confidante, a witness.

I utilize a strengths-based approach to empower my clients while fostering an environment of curiosity, respect, and acceptance. I provide integrative and adaptive psychotherapy for clients struggling with adjustment and acculturation issues, generational conflict, relational difficulties, trauma, grief, and anxiety and mood disorders.

I find it extremely rewarding to work with clients to sort through cultural, relational, and environmental influences. Together, we will endeavor to improve your understanding of self and your experience of the world around you.

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