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National Workaholics Day was July 5th -- but we are celebrating the whole month!

July 5th was National Workaholics Day, which is a reminder for us to maintain a work-

life balance.

What to do if you are experiencing burnout?

1. Recognize it!

2. Build rest breaks into your schedule

3. Set work/life boundaries

4. Practice breathing and meditation

5. Talk to a therapist!

Maintaining worklife balance is as important now as ever! If you work harder than you play, therapist Thomas Siggins can help.

Text or call Thomas: 424-234-3305


Thomas Siggins, Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker #108128

Under supervision of Amanda Hildebrant LCSW #63742


Not sure where to start? We can help you find the right therapist! Call Pacific Marriage & Family Therapy Network at 310-612-2998.

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