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It is very common in our society today to base our idea of who we are upon the job that we have or how much money we make. One of the first questions you probably get asked when you meet someone new is: “What do you do?”

This is usually referring to your profession or career.

But it is possible to think of who you are as something in addition to, or maybe even completely separate, from what you do for a living. There are a number of other things that make up who you are and potentially what you want out of life.

What inspires you?

What experiences make your heart race or make you excited to jump out of bed in the morning?

What causes are you passionate about?

What gives your life meaning?

Who in your life is most important to you?

I help clients answer these questions and more to discover new parts of themselves and more satisfying ways of living in addition to what they already know about what makes them happy.

Matianna Baldassari, LMFT

Are you a perfectionist at heart? Do you believe others must like you for you to be okay? Does it feel like you are always crazy busy, but something is missing? People-pleasing can make us feel stressed and burned-out. The rollercoaster ups and downs can put practically anyone on edge, making us feel upset and even a bit angry when we are usually very nice people. My clients learn new ways of looking at things so that they feel better about how they treat their friends, family, and how they treat themselves.

Together, we focus on the issues you want to work on in therapy and maximize our time in session. I work with clients on understanding what's happening in their lives, but we also talk about how to actually make changes, which can be the most important part.

I use narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy techniques. I graduated with my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and have been working in the field for over ten years. I am also certified as a Kundalini yoga teacher. Falling in love with yoga after taking my first class in 2010, I consider it a privilege to share these gifts with clients. If desired, my approach can combine traditional talk therapy with tools from mindfulness and yoga.

Clients say they love my warm, welcoming approach and feel comfortable exploring their deepest and most sensitive issues. I draw upon my experience as a black belt in Korean Royal Court martial arts when helping my clients build strength and confidence. I invite you to reach out for a consult to see if it is a good fit!

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