THERAPIST SPOTLIGHT: Nadja Radmanovic, AMFT and Clinical Art Therapist

Dissociation is something that we all experience and that is often a normal and healthy response to certain situations. However, when you experience it repeatedly, or have severe symptoms, it can be very disorienting. The most common thing I hear from people who highly dissociate is how difficult it feels to explain what they are experiencing to people who don't dissociate to that level. Another thing that often comes up is the misconception of DID in the media; people think of Sybil, or Split, but in reality that is just the severe end of the spectrum. Most individuals with DID are functioning members of society who you might not realize are sharing their body with other parts. In addition, I see an incredible amount of resiliency, creativity, and bravery in clients who have dissociative disorders.

Nadja Radmanovic, AMFT #114965, Pre-registered Art Therapist

Supervised by Andrea Najemy, LMFT #90985

Nadja specializes in art therapy, working with children, teens, and adults of all ages. She enjoys work with creative professionals, children of immigrants, LGBTQIA community, trauma, dissociation, DID, and East Coast to LA clients. In sessions she is warm, casual, and conversational. Clients have said that they feel safe in the room with her and open to talking about anything without judgment.

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