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Welcome to the Team - Amanda Hildebrant, LCSW

WELCOME BACK TO THE TEAM ~ Amanda Hildebrant, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in CA and CO

High achieving, driven, successful, and pulled together, but something doesn't feel right. Surrounded by others, but feeling like you are on an island. Your past creeps up in small ways like shying away from speaking up in the moment, or maybe even bigger ways like feeling disconnected from yourself daily and just going through the motions. There is something about the way you are wired which makes you so tuned into fitting in, you sometimes miss the big red flags of others’ behavior. This can look like trusting the wrong people or just getting hurt, let down, and resentful. Let's uncover the root cause together.

I help clients by creating a safe and inviting vibe to say the things that most people would never guess about you. From there, we figure out patterns of how this came to be. Why, over the years, did your body and mind decide to create such a wide gap between the outside and the inside? I use a powerful mix of healing interventions for lasting change.

Amanda is currently accepting online clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, please call/ text/ email her at 424-247-6144 /

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