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Welcome to the team Madeleine Zimmerman!

Let's all give a warm welcome to our new team member, Madeleine Zimmerman!👏 Everyone here at Pacific MFT is so excited to have you join us!

Here are a few words from our newest ACSW!🎉

Life is challenging and it goes by fast. Clients that have worked with me realize how they can be in the driver’s seat of their lives and challenge the shame, guilt, anger, and pain that keeps them stuck. Many of my clients overlook their own well-being due to overextending themselves at home and work or having difficulties with confidence, self-acceptance, and managing hard emotions. I help clients develop skills to deal with challenging situations, establish a healthy relationship with self, and challenge negative beliefs that are keeping you “stuck.”
I strive to create a safe and encouraging space where you are able to freely share, express unfiltered thoughts, and explore personal pains. I am passionate about working with you to reach your goals and highest potential. Clients appreciate my supportive, humorous, and empowering manner so they can focus on their growth, elicit change and feel in charge of their own life.
I have had success working with clients who have difficulty with collecting/hoarding, substance use, experiencing life changes, and/or struggling with identity. Preteens, teens, adults, and families find me approachable and easy to work with.

Madeleine is now accepting new clients!

Madeleine Zimmerman


ACSW: 95692


Supervisor: Amanda Hildebrant

Supervisor License: California / 63742

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