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Dr. Karla Arriaran
Dr. Karla Arriaran

(424) 210-7899


Multigenerational Family Management, Communication, Parenting, Work Life Balance


10+ Years Experience


State of California

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Mental health and wellness are critical for success in all areas of life. Being in a relationship can be one of the most challenging parts of life. My clients are often overachievers who constantly add to their workload until they reach the point of total shutdown. At that point, relationships often suffer the most damage. I enjoy working with couples, who are successful, but need additional support in managing relationships in a healthy and productive manner.

What happens when challenging issues are developing with our relationships, especially with our partners? Stress, anxiety, depressive feelings and frustrations can occur. What can you do? Try couple’s therapy. Many people assume that couple’s therapy is only for those that are in crisis or on the verge of divorce. Yes, it can be, but early intervention is the best way to thrive.

Couples therapy also provides an opportunity to learn and improve healthy communication habits, with your partner, in a neutral space. The way people communicate is deeply rooted in their own individual upbringing. Understanding those experiences about yourself and your partner allows space for connection and rebuilding trust. It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself and your partner.

In sessions, I am warm, compassionate, and conversational. Clients have described me as easy to talk to, non-judgmental and adding the right amount of levity when needed. Using a cognitive behavioral style, with strengths-based and solution-focused techniques, we will work together to develop strategies for a more manageable and enjoyable life. My intention is that our sessions will help you feel heard, understood, and confident in moving toward your desired goals. No one has to live with conflict in their relationships– there’s a way through it.

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Dr. Karla


CA Licensed Clinical Social Worker #163633

Doctor of Education


University of California, Santa Barbara
Doctorate Education

​University of Southern California
Master of Social Work

California State University, Northridge
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


Working Professionals
Long Term Relationships
Blending Partners’ Families
Birth of a Child
Job/Career Changes
Significant Life Events
Multigenerational Family Dynamics
College Students
Adults/Emerging Adults
College Students
Accepting Success/Imposter Syndrome
Generational Trauma
Life Transitions
Self Esteem
Stress Management
Self Care
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