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What is Coaching?

Coaching Vs Therapy

Coaching and therapy are both professions that can help people work through emotional discomfort and set goals, but they have different focuses and approaches:

  • Coaching

    Focuses on action and the future, with the goal of helping people perform better in a specific area or achieve a personal or professional goal. Coaches help clients learn from experience, identify strengths and weaknesses, and create solutions to overcome obstacles. They may also help clients build a positive mindset, identify passions, and cultivate happiness. The relationship between coach and client is often considered equal, and coaching sessions are sometimes short-term. Coaching is typically not covered by health insurance.

  • Therapy

    Focuses on insight and the past and present, with the goal of treating mental illness and other significant emotional and relational concerns. Therapists help clients understand the past, heal traumas, and address problems they're having. The relationship between therapist and client is often considered more like that of a doctor and patient. Psychotherapy may be covered by health insurance. 

Meet The Coaching Team

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Tracy Kovacs Bevington

Personal Development Coach


Cibele Sousa

Personal Development Coach


Andrea Najemy

Personal Development Coach



Valeriya Pestrikova

Sex and Intimacy Coach

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