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Angela Repetti Miller
Angela Repetti Miller

(424) 262-1878


Art Therapy, Dissociation, Loneliness, LGBTQIA+, Loss & Grief, Mid/Later Life Issues, Creative Professionals, Disordered Eating


7-10 Years Experience


State of California

In Office


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It may be hard to name: sadness, nervousness, frustration, loneliness, shame. Maybe a mix of those + more. Life maybe brought losses or hardships, causing grief. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and things seemed to get harder, more complicated. You’re wondering if therapy can help. I’m Angela, and I’m compassionately curious about how your lived experience, including relationships, social forces, culture, and world goings-on, has brought you to this place.

The therapy relationship is a powerfully healing tool. Feeling safe, heard, + valued in and of itself can be transformative. Building trust, rapport, and respect are key in creating a safe + open space to do the vulnerable, brave work you’ve come to do. Consider me an emotional escort lending support as you make your way through an unsure, unsettling time. I’m also your teammate, working with you in pursuit of your goals, moving to align you more with what you value, creating space for more satisfaction, empowerment, and joy.

Sometimes words fail to describe a pivotal event, or it’s a struggle to grasp what’s going on. Exploring with color, shape, texture, + movement can help bring clarity & work through difficult feelings. With a clinical art therapy background, I can weave creative processes into our work to support your healing, recovery + expansion. No art skills required. We use visual art materials to help understand where you’ve been + where you are…and to re-imagine yourself in a more abundant way. You may find the artmaking process calming, meditative, insightful, expressive, liberating, and even fun! Art-making taps into your innate creativity as a human, firing off new neural pathways that may help you understand and appreciate the colors of yourself, your relationships, and your context in deeper, richer, more complex ways.

My therapy style is eclectic. Including art therapy, we may explore and work with relationship dynamics (family systems), the triangle of thoughts, feelings, + behaviors (CBT), bringing light to unconscious processes + increasing insight (psychodynamic), separating problems from you + applying your strengths to reducing problems (narrative), how you see the world, make choices, + give meaning so you can live more authentically (existential), getting grounded + aware in the present moment (mindfulness), and how significant traumatic events have impacted your mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, + spiritual well-being (trauma-informed).

I work with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss, grief, trauma, LGBTQIA, life transitions, career changes, communication, relationship healing + strengthening. Together we develop a process and therapy experience unique for you, your needs, + your continued growth.

Alert! The therapy process may include laughs, tears, + awkward silences. All ages are welcome as individuals, partners, or families. I work online across CA and, once it’s safe for us to do so, will meet in one of our LA area offices for those preferring in-person sessions. Call/email/text me if you're curious about working together. Now's a great time 2 start!

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CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #135541

Registered Art Therapist (ATR)


Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Los Angeles
Master of Arts, Marriage & Family Therapy with Specialized Training in Art Therapy

​University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science


Art Therapy
Loss + Grief
Life Transitions
Career Changes



    Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)

    ARTFIRST Trauma and Emergency Response Trained

    NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program Completion

    Art Therapy


    National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Member

    California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

    San Fernando Valley CAMFT, Member




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