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Pacific MFT Network offers services with fees that vary depending on the type of service provided, the length of time for the service, and the experience/expertise of the clinician.  We have the ability to provide services to a wide variety of clients with the depth of diversity of our team of therapists. We are Out-of-Network providers. The usual and customary fees for services are noted below.

Individual Therapy
45 to 50-minute session weekly

1-3 yrs experience, Starting at $100/session

4-6 yrs experience, Starting at $200/session

7-10 yrs experience, Starting at $300/session

10 yrs+ experience, Up to $400/session

Couples, Family, and Co-Parenting Therapy

45 to 50-minute session weekly

1-3 yrs experience, Starting at $150/session

4-6 yrs experience, Starting at $250/session

7-10 yrs experience, Starting at $350/session

10 yrs+ experience, Up to $450/session

Couples, Family, and Co-Parenting Therapy

90-minute session weekly

1-3 yrs experience, Starting at $270/session

4-6 yrs experience, Starting at $450/session

7-10 yrs experience, Starting at $630/session

10 yrs+ experience, Up to $810/session


90-minute weekly session
Fees vary depending on the type of group

Average of $30 to $75 per person, per meeting

All payments are expected at the time service is rendered. Groups, workshops, and other special services require payment in advance of services being rendered in order to reserve your spot.

Credit card payments

Questions about Fees and Insurance

Forms of Payment Accepted


Payments can be made by HSA/FSA cards, credit card or debit card. We are not accepting cash, checks or other payments besides what has been listed here.  Payments can be made via a client's TherapyPortal or arrangements can be made to automatically charge a card on file for services.  You can discuss this in depth during your initial consultation or intake session.

Out-of-Network PPO Insurance  

And Sliding Scale Fees


Pacific MFT Network is an out-of-network insurance provider.  We offer a concierge billing service to handle all PPO plan out-of- network insurance claims for our clients. Our expert billing team files every claim for services rendered so there is no need to give clients a superbill that must be filed with the insurance company on their own.  Clients pay the full fee at time of service, we file the claims, and the insurance company reimburses the client for the portion of the fee that they will cover.  


We provide a summary of the PPO plan mental health benefits before you start therapy to give you an idea of what the insurance may cover.  There is no obligation to work with us after the benefit inquiry. 


We have experience working with PPO insurance plans such as: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Blue Card, HealthNet, United Healthcare, Cigna, Optum, Magellan, Value Plus and many others.  



Sliding scale fees in private practice are very different than those of a community mental health center.  On a limited basis, sliding scale fees are available to our clients based on need and circumstances.  You can discuss sliding scale fees with your therapist during the initial consultation. Not all therapists offer a sliding scale fee and typically do not slide for more than $50 from their full fee.  Sliding scale fees are a benefit for clients that can commit to weekly sessions and long term work.  Sliding scale fees are typically re-evaluated every 6 months.  

Out-of-Network PPO Insurance Process

Pacific MFT Network is committed to providing quality treatment and service to all our clients. We offer the use of PPO insurance plans to help cover the cost of services as a concierge benefit to our clients.  Pacific MFT Network is an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans.  We are not currently in network or on any insurance panels as a preferred provider.  Clients are responsible for paying the entire fee for the session at the time services are rendered while we file claims to expedite your reimbursement.

Using insurance with an out-of-network provider can be confusing.  It is important to understand your benefit coverage as we offer no guarantee of benefits and coverage information. The only way to be fully informed about your benefits is to contact your insurance provider directly.  You can do so by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance ID card.  


When we look up your benefit coverage, there is no guarantee of coverage or payment.  The insurance company will not verify the “allowed amount.”  The allowed amount affects the deductible and your per session fee.  What we can give you is an estimate of what you can expect. The allowed amount will only be communicated to us after the first claim has been submitted and processed.  At that time, we will have a better idea of what they will cover and how much your cost will be.


Our fee for service is generally $200-$450 per session depending on the therapist you choose to work with.  For an out-of-network provider, most insurance companies will cover a portion of the session fee.  Each plan typically has a calendar year deductible and offers co-insurance once the deductible is met.  Your out of pocket payment per session will be the full fee ($200-$450).  When your deductible is met, you can expect your insurance company to send reimbursement checks directly to you for the portion of the fee they will cover.   


Typically, the insurance company will only apply the plan’s allowed amount as credit toward the deductible even though you are paying full fee.  The allowed amount for your plan is currently unknown.  With the processing of the first claim, we will know what this amount is and how many full fee sessions you will need to pay to satisfy your deductible.


The deductible usually starts over every January, so at that time, if you have the same plan, you will be responsible for meeting the deductible and then the insurance company will cover the co-insurance portion of the allowed amount.


Pacific MFT Network provides a special concierge billing service for our clients. We will manage all the claims and billing processing with the insurance company via electronic means for you.  This will relieve you of the burden of getting a receipt for service after each session and filing claims yourself.


If you have any changes in your insurance coverage, please communicate them to us as soon as possible.  A delay in setting up your new insurance may cause big billing issues that we would like to avoid.  

If you have any questions or want to discuss fees and insurance further, please feel free to contact our insurance billing department at or call 310-612-2998.

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