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Pacific MFT Network is always open to expanding our therapist network with highly skilled and qualified Licensed and Pre-Licensed Mental Health clinicians.  We also offer administrative positions as they become available.


Work in a private practice setting with many of the benefits of working in an agency. Have nearly all of your private practice overhead and administration costs paid for. Enjoy doing what you do best...working with clients.

Pacific MFT Network prides itself by committing to a nurturing and supportive environment that focuses on the professional and personal development of our staff.  Our vision is to create an organization that treats clinicians with utmost respect, fairness, equality, and support while compensating fairly and encouraging growth, development and creativity.  We have created an incredibly unique working environment where you can enjoy the freedoms of private practice and also have the help, support, and guidance of a structured organization.  

If you enjoy working with clients, but dislike the marketing, networking, advertising, billing, and all the administrative aspects of being in your own private practice, you may fit in well as a part of our Team.  


If you are interested in joining our Team, please forward a resume, a cover letter that clearly defines the value you would add to our current staff offerings, and contact information for three professional references.  Please email documents to

Benefits Include:

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Hourly Pay for Direct Client Contact

  • Hourly Pay for Activities That Do Not Involve Direct Client Contact 

  • Weekly Group Supervision/Consultation

  • Individual Supervision/Consultation

  • Access to Beautifully Furnished Therapy Rooms

  • Access to Group Therapy Rooms

  • Many Opportunities for Advancement

  • Professional Business Cards

  • Business Email Address

  • Business Phone Number

  • Paid Licensing & Association Fees

  • Paid CEUs

  • Paid Sick Time

  • Paid On-line Client Management System

  • Paid Marketing & Networking

  • Paid Specialized Training

  • Pay Structure Based on Performance

  • Benefits Included - Medical, Dental, Vision, Life 

  • Rich 401K with Great Matching

  • And More!

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