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Personal Training for Your Mental Health


In-office Appointments 
Santa Monica, CA

California, New York, and Washington State
BIPOC Family in Counseling
Adult, Young Adult, Emerging Adult, Individual Therapy

Individual Adult Therapy


Adults, Emerging Adults, Young Adults, Aging Adults

Child Therapy

Children 12 and Under, Children 13-17

Happy Twins
Diversity Students

Adolescent/Teen Therapy

Children 12-17 

Couples Therapy

Dating, Pre-Marital, Marital, Divorcing, Co-Parenting 

Mixed Faith, Biracial, LBGTQIA+

Affectionate Newlywed
Ocean Water

Tracy Bevington



Kaitlin Headshot 2024_edited_edited_edited

Kaitlin Headshot 2024_edited_edited_edited

Andrea Najemy

Jasmine Gibson

Cibele Sousa

Dr Karla Arriaran

Angela Repetti Miller

Savannah Okada

Paul Carter

Anna Major

Karlyn Webb

Christine Nguyen

Christina Coons

Dhanya Murali

Alice Kuhns

Jacob Kajiwara

Darcy Manav

Amber Keating

Adelaide Rowe

Nicole Bravo

Karen Clay Beck

Eri Nagai Ashlock

Katelyn Starr

Jacqueline Chun

Nikki Chinen

Monisha Brewer

Valeriya Pestrikova

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Here to Empower You to be Your Best Self

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2716 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 3075

Santa Monica, CA 90405


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Pacific Marriage and Family Therapy Network provides therapy to children, teens, adults of all ages, couples, and families with quality mental health counseling that gets results.  We have several therapists on staff with different modalities of work, specializations and expertise.  We can help clients experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, unhappiness, difficult life transitions, troubled relationships, addiction, eating disorders, stress, anger management, prenatal bonding, trauma, domestic violence, performance, whole life fitness, ADD/ADHD, autism, learning differences, religious crisis/struggles, LGBTQ issues, social skills, couples/marital, pre-marital, dating, break up recovery, parenting children, parenting teens, social anxiety, self esteem, substance use, panic, stress relief, cancer recovery, pre-surgical wellness, post-surgical wellness, disordered eating, postpartum depression, careers, grief & loss, divorce, co-parenting, childhood trauma, childhood behavior management, work & life balance, fatherhood, co-dependancy, or any other mental health issue. Pacific MFT Network is a professional network of highly skilled Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Interns under rigorous supervision that are committed to empowering a sense of self in our clients and helping them live the life they want. We do so by creating a relationship that is based on genuine care and concern, non-judgment, and support. Our mission is to help you help yourself live a happier and more satisfying life. 

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