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Pacific MFT Network is dedicated to providing outstanding service to all of our clients.  Support and process groups are an excellent way to feel connected, get support, and develop skills for improved coping and a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some Support Group Myths and Facts:


Myth:  It's the same as therapy

Fact:  A group is not designed to offer professional counseling or psychological therapy.  It's a place for people experiencing similar things to come together and discuss with each other how they have been impacted and share what has worked for them.


Myth:  I'll have to bear my soul to strangers

Fact:  It's up to you how much you decide to share.  There are ground rules set up by the group leader, but no one is ever forced to speak.  Group members are carefully chosen to promote the best possible group dynamic.


Myth:  Joining a group will just make me feel worse

Fact:  Sharing your experience with others that have had similar experiences in an extremely healing process.  You will be surprised by how much more "normal" you feel once you've participated in a group.


Myth:  People just sit around and complain

Fact:  The talk in a group is monitored by the group leader who is a mental health professional.  Sometimes the group has a predetermined topic to discuss and at other times participants foster their own topics.  You will have a chance to learn about things you didn't know about before from people that have the life experience to tell you how it impacted them; treatments, medications, coping skills, programs, etc.


Myth:  My personal and confidential information be shared in a way I cannot control

Fact:  Confidentiality is essential to any therapeutic experience.  Confidentiality is protected not only by the policies of Pacific MFT Network, but by law, and each group member must sign a confidentiality agreement which specifies the civil and criminal penalties that can result from breaches of confidentiality.


Current Groups




You are not alone. With senior plans and events being upended by these troubling and uncertain times, a little support can go a long way! Connect with peers who are going through many of the same things via our Online Support Group for High School Seniors.

Saturdays 1PM to 215PM


$30 Per Meeting

3 Meeting Discount, $80

Insurance May Cover  

Confidential, HIPAA Compliant

Space is Limited

To register contact Nicole at or 424-262-2588

Facilitated by Nicole Barkopoulos AMFT
Nicole Barkopoulos is an Associate of Marriage and Family Therapy under the supervision of Dr. Lori Campbell, who has experience facilitating support and skill-based groups with members of all ages. She also works with high school students helping them navigate their personal development and growth, as well as the many transitions that are expected to occur during this period of life.

COVID-19 Anxiety Support Group

Worried? Anxious? Isolated? Nervous?

  • Breathing and movement techniques to experience being fully alive and present and experience a deep calm

  • Expereince the magic that happens when a group does this in unison

  • Create a Life Stability Plan: meet emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs

  • Learn how to identify internal and external resources that provide a sense of well-being, relaxation, and balance to the nervous system

Tuesdays  2 PM to 3 PM

Wednesdays  5 PM to 6 PM

Thursdays  5 PM to 6 PM







Register by phone at 310-612-2998, or email

Facilitated by Owen Graham AMFT

As a trauma-informed and holistic therapist, I address the whole person – mentally, physically emotionally, and spiritually. I take an imaginative and somatic approach to freeing bodily tensions, releasing long-held emotions. In addition to talk therapy, I use breathwork, meditation, tapping, and other skills and tools to help clients experience a sense of wellness and a core knowing that “I am okay.” I draw on a variety of insights from Western and Eastern psychologies.


Online Self Care Support Group- ME Time

Self Care Online Support Group



Fridays 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Join us for your ongoing self-care

ME-time support group (online)

Maintain your emotional and physical health

Manage stress

Be connected to a community

$50 per session

Discount for 3 session package $135

Confidential and HIPAA compliant meeting

Space is limited

Facilitated by Cibele Sousa, LMFT

Regsiter with Cibele at

Online Stress Relief Training

Learn proven stress relief techniques in only 3 meetings

Simple ways to relieve stress due to COVID-19 worry and anxiety

Easy to learn techniques for reducing stress

Maintain physical and emotional health

Feel immediate results

Easily accessible from home or office No experience necessary

Receive immediate and personal feedback from your trainer to refine your skills

Tuesdays 2PM to 3PM, PST or

Tuesdays 9PM to 10PM, PST

$50 per meeting

3 session prepay discount $140

Meets weekly for 3 weeks

New session every 3 weeks

Must pre-register

Sessions in Portugese available

Register with Cibele Sousa LMFT at

A Virtual Support Group and Online Oasis for Women

Stronger TogetHER

  • Gain resources and strategies to help cope with social distancing

  • Learn simple and effective tools for self care and stress relief

  • Increase emotional resilience and feel social connection

  • Successfully navigate issues associated with quaratine

  • Be part of an exciting and affordable journey to mental health

  • We warmly welcome all adult women ages 21-30



$40 each meeting

PPO Insurance may cover

California residents welcome

Easily accesible- GoToMeeting

Join by phone or computer

Facilitated by Darcy Manav LMFT

Register with Darcy at or 424-247-6126

Social Distancing?  Feeling Isolated?  Worried?  Restricting?  Binging?  

Be part of an exciting and affordable journey to emotional and physical health.  Join us and feel connected, stay accountable, share successes and challenges, talk to people that understand your expereinces.  This wonderful group is led by Taylor McMonigle, Eating Disorder Specialist, AMFT under the supervision of Tracy Bevington LMFT #53455.

Meetings on MONDAY 4pm to 5pm, THURSDAY 4pm to 5pm, or SATURDAY 11am to 12pm.

Register with Taylor, 424-292-2294 or

The Art of Living Healthy

Online Cancer / Low Immunity Support Group

Tuesdays  3:15 PM to 4:15 PM

$60 per session

3 session package $162

Space is Limited

Register in Advance

RSVP Necessary

About Cibele- As a body psychotherapist, I help clients connect their body/inner strengths and their mind/rational strengths to achieve change and personal growth. I create a safe and nurturing environment where clients feel comfortable and heard. I have success working with clients with stress, anxiety, depression, cancer recovery. I am certified in Neuroaffective Touch, Resilience ToolKit, TRE (Tension Release Exercise) and am fluent in Portuguese.

Online Support Group for Caregivers and Cancer Survivors in Remission

Facilitated by Cibele Sousa LMFT

Prioritize your self care so you can better care for others

Maintain emotional & physical health through life crises

Learn simple and quick ways to relieve stress

Develop skills to manage fatigue

Get much needed peer support

Tuesdays 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

$60 per meeting

3 meeting discount $165

Confidential and HIPAA complaint 

Please register in advance

Register with Cibele at 

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