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Pacific MFT Network is dedicated to providing outstanding service to all of our clients.  Support and process groups are an excellent way to feel connected, get support, and develop skills for improved coping and a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some Support Group Myths and Facts:


Myth:  It's the same as therapy

Fact:  A group is not designed to offer professional counseling or psychological therapy.  It's a place for people experiencing similar things to come together and discuss with each other how they have been impacted and share what has worked for them.


Myth:  I'll have to bear my soul to strangers

Fact:  It's up to you how much you decide to share.  There are ground rules set up by the group leader, but no one is ever forced to speak.  Group members are carefully chosen to promote the best possible group dynamic.


Myth:  Joining a group will just make me feel worse

Fact:  Sharing your experience with others that have had similar experiences in an extremely healing process.  You will be surprised by how much more "normal" you feel once you've participated in a group.


Myth:  People just sit around and complain

Fact:  The talk in a group is monitored by the group leader who is a mental health professional.  Sometimes the group has a predetermined topic to discuss and at other times participants foster their own topics.  You will have a chance to learn about things you didn't know about before from people that have the life experience to tell you how it impacted them; treatments, medications, coping skills, programs, etc.


Myth:  My personal and confidential information be shared in a way I cannot control

Fact:  Confidentiality is essential to any therapeutic experience.  Confidentiality is protected not only by the policies of Pacific MFT Network, but by law, and each group member must sign a confidentiality agreement which specifies the civil and criminal penalties that can result from breaches of confidentiality.



Current Groups

White And Blue Sharing Sessions Flyer (1).png

Persons of Color Support Circle

A virtual safe and supportive place for POC to share their experiences, be heard and feel connected

  • Focus on creating and upholding a judgement-free and compassionate space where we can offer, receive, and build support for each other

  •  Highlight the strength, resiliency, and joy we as POC carry within and around us.

The group will be led in collaboration between the therapist and participants. Those looking for a little extra support and community in their lives are welcome to join!

Tuesdays 6PM to 7:30 PM

$40 Per Meeting

8-Week Group

Maximum 8 People

Confidential, HIPAA Compliant

To register contact Daniya at or 424-835-1809

Facilitated by Daniya Ahmned AMFT

Daniya Ahmed is an Associate of Marriage and Family Therapy under the supervision of Tracy Kovacs Bevington.

2Dec MM Group.png

Mindful Moderate Drinking Group

Mindful Moderate Drinking Group is for those who believe they are somewhere on the spectrum of "alcoholic" and "normal" drinker, for those who want to change their relationship with alcohol and feel that a traditional abstinence-only recovery program may not be a good fit for your lifestyle. 


Perhaps you are aware that you tend to grab a drink after a long day to relax, yet you are still feeling drained. You may even consider yourself as someone who is often in social situations where drinking culture exists - whether it's schmoozing a potential client; happy hour after work, watching sports on the weekend, and/or going out with friends or family. 


You realize that drinking alcohol has affected your mental health, physical health and/or personal relationships. However, for whatever the reason is, you are not ready to stop drinking. 


This support group exists for you to have a safe and non -judgmental space to explore your relationship with alcohol, define your personal goals and develop consumption limits around alcohol. 


If you feel that this group may be for you or have questions/curiosities about moderation management, please feel free to schedule a call with Madeleine (Maddie) through this link: 

Wednesday 5 -6 PM, From December 7 - January 25

$50 Per Meeting

8-Week Group

Pre-screen call required

Confidential, HIPAA Compliant

To register contact Madeleine at or 424-625-2150

Facilitated by Madeleine Zimmerman, ACSW #95692

Madeleine Zimmerman is an Associate Clinical Social Worker under the supervision of Amanda Hildebrant, LCSW #63742.

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