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Embrace Screenings Near You #ihaveembraced

If you haven't heard about this inspiring, moving, and incredibly powerful is a MUST.

Women, men, mothers, fathers, teens, elderly, etc matter your sexual orientation, age, phase of life or connection with issues of self-image and body-image, this film is SO IMPORTANT and will, without a doubt, touch your life and pull at your heart.

Watch the official trailer below and click here to find a screening near you.


Promoting Wellness in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

Pacific Marriage and Family Therapy Network

We provide teen, couples, and family therapy, and have therapists who are skilled in working with kids, teens, and adults experiencing difficult transitions, relationships, or mental health issues.

Pacific MFT Network is a professional network of highly skilled licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Interns that are committed to empowering a sense of self in our clients and helping them live the life they want. We do so by creating a relationship that is based on genuine care and concern, non-judgment, and support. Our mission is to help you help yourself live a happier and more satisfying life.


Manhattan Beach, CA

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