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Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group with Modified TRE

Recovery from an eating disorder can sometimes take many months and sometimes years or intensive treatment. Pacific MFT Network is very pleased to announce a brand new Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group that will be utilizing Modified TRE (Tension Release Exercises) to focus on supporting the relationship we have between our body, mind and emotions. TRE can help build resiliency, improve coping skills and stress tolerance, reduce stress, reduce the impact of triggers, reduce anxiety and depression, help the immune system function better, and improve energy.

Tension Release Exercises (TRE) were developed by David Berceli, PhD, during a long career working in areas afflicted by war and natural disaster. After witnessing trauma on a mass scale, he came to a deep understanding of the trauma cycle and recognized a desperate need for effective recovery methods. He designed a series of simple exercises to turn on the natural human shaking response that signals a return to safety and calm. By activating this self-induced therapeutic tremor with mindful attention to physical and psychological comfort, there is usually no need to actually talk about the original trauma to achieve lasting, positive results.

This group will meet on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in our Santa Monica office. Groups will run for 8 weeks. Space is limited, so please sign up today by contacting Cibele Sousa, Registered MFT Intern #75801, Supervised by Tracy Bevington LMFT #53455.

Cibele’s eclectic and collaborative approach is one that envisions empowering, strengthening, and encouraging clients to find their own path of self-contentment and personal growth. With kindness, compassion, and mindfulness, she has the ability to create a safe and nurturing environment where clients feel heard and change is possible. Cibele is experienced in working with families, couples, individuals, children, and teens, that are undergoing a life crisis, experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or substance abuse. Cibele has an eclectic style that combines psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, CBT, solution focused, family systems, mindfulness based stress reduction, Reichian, Inner Alignment, and non-violent communication approaches. Cibele is bilingual, and can do therapy in both English and Portugese.

Education / Training

Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

California State University Northridge

Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling, Industry Psychology, HR Development

California State University Northridge

Master of Science, Counseling Marriage & Family Therapy

Tension Release Exercises (TRE) Certified

Resiliency Tool Kit Trained

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Trained

Program for Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS) Certified Provider

Infant Massage Certified Educator

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Trained

Reichian Therapy Certified

Certified Stephen Minister

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