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A Therapeutic Art Activity for Stress Relief

by Nadja Radmanovic, AMFT

I've had clients speak about "throw away art" or "ugly art" being helpful during this time. So, if there is a day when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I've asked them to make the ugliest piece of art that they can. I ask them to really think about the feelings they're experiencing, or the thing they are frustrated with (for kids - if it's a specific subject, or missing their friends, or just wanting to be able to go outside).

Once they create their art, they can do whatever they want with it to throw it away. They can cut it up with scissors, rip it up, dunk it in water, spill juice or paint over it, crumple it up and throw it in the trash. I think this directive really helps promote expressing "negative" feelings in a healthy way, and also plants the seed for not having to keep everything we make, and that sometimes letting go of things can be helpful/purposeful. It can be fun for parents to do it with their kids too so that they are all activating that play area of their brains together!

Nadja Radmanovic, AMFT #114965, Pre-registered Art Therapist

Supervised by Andrea Najemy, LMFT #90985

Nadja specializes in art therapy, working with children, teens, and adults of all ages. She enjoys work with creative professionals, children of immigrants, LGBTQIA community, trauma, dissociation, DID, and East Coast to LA clients. In sessions she is warm, casual, and conversational. Clients have said that they feel safe in the room with her and open to talking about anything without judgment.

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