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The Key to Identifying Love vs Lust

While working with many of my clients, the topic of love comes up often. Love is not always an incredibly strong physical response that feels like being on a high, giddy, energetic and/or euphoric. That feeling is often found in loving relationships, but is not the key to identifying love. When looked at closely, love is more like a deep feeling of affection for another person. It's a long lasting attraction that results in emotional attachment. Love can absolutely include strong physical sensations, but without the attachment, those feelings better describe lust. Alone, lust is caused by the rush of dopamine, other chemicals and hormones in our body. It's more temporary than the long lasting feelings of emotional attachment and attraction that is associated with love. Differentiating between love and lust can be incredibly helpful when dating and/or preparing for marriage. Focus on love. Connect, attach, and live happily.

Tracy Bevington, LMFT, President and Founder of Pacific MFT Network

I have an eclectic style that includes many different orientations of therapy. I particularly enjoy utilizing; Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing, Family Systems, and Attachment Therapy techniques in my practice.

The way I work is highly determined by my client’s needs and what works for them. I help clients be the best person possible and empower them to recognize their choices in life and take advantage of them. I enjoy working with adults, families, and couples, but especially love working with teens/adolescents and parents. I have had success with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, family problems, relationship problems, addiction, life transitions, work and school issues, and self esteem.

I treat my clients with the utmost respect and together we foster a safe and comfortable environment. We work collaboratively to foster awareness and empower change in a gentle and respectful manner. Clients find my style to be casual and yet impactful.

Tracy is currently accepting online clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, please call/ text/ email her at 310-226-2826;


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