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Welcome Anna Major to our Team! Prenatal Bonding, Women's Issues, Parenting, Family and ADD/ADH

Anna Major, MA LMFT is the newest clinician to join the Pacific MFT Network team. Anna has a diverse background working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families struggling with depression, anxiety, ADD, domestic violence, family strife, parenting, maternity, women's issues and more. Anna has a strong passion for working with adolescents and expectant mothers.

Anna, a native of Hungary, trained in Budapest with the creators of the Prenatal Bonding method, doctors Raffai and Hidas. Now a Naturalized US Citizen, she is introducing this well-established European method of prenatal care to the United States. This method was developed in an effort to simplify and improve the lives of mother and child during the entire span of pregnancy and after birth. As a pioneer of the Prenatal Bonding method in the United States, Anna believes that each developing child deserves a chance at unlocking their full potential. She believes in providing a safe, easy, and pleasant birth giving experience to both mother and child.

Here is what Anna has to say about herself and how she works;

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and one of the first European trained practitioners of Prenatal Bonding in the United States. As a native of Hungary, I am fluent in Hungarian and English, understand a fair amount of German and am studying Spanish. In Budapest, Hungary, I had the pleasure of training with the creators of the prenatal bonding method, doctors Raffai Jeno and Hidas Gyorgy and have seen the evidence, first hand, of how much brighter and healthy children can be if given the best possible start.

In both private practice and community mental health settings, I have experience working with issues ranging from ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety and have helped children and families cope with domestic and sexual abuse as well as parenting difficulties. I work collaboratively with my clients and use an eclectic treatment approach which includes mindfulness based techniques, humanistic-existential methods, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), attachment theories and family systems models.

My clients gain insights into their difficulties and create positive patterns of behavior by working with me. They have healed from past traumas, repaired broken relationships and achieved a great variety of therapeutic goals. The greatest athletes have coaches that help them to overcome challenges that are holding them back from greatness and therapy works similarly. I believe that therapy is a journey; I did not construct your road but can help to realign you towards your destination.

I will accompany you on your journey to provide you with the support and resources you already know that you need help with, or I may assist you in discovering and overcoming unidentified challenges. Results are important, but success is as much about the journey as the destination, and I am committed to accompany my clients for as long as they need me to, with dedication and unconditional positive regard.

Anna specializes in:

Prenatal Psychology

Prenatal Bonding


Women's Issues



Domestic Violence

Self Esteem

Stress Relief

Self Care and Coping





To schedule a free phone consultation with Anna call or text at 424-254-8018 or email her here.

To find out more about Anna and the services we offer at Pacific MFT Network, please visit our website,

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