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Stressed? Anxious? Alone? Freaking Out? COVID-19 is Here. Need to talk? Go Online to Our Stres

Online Stress Relief Course Now Available

Are you finding yourself more stressed as a reaction to the effects COVID-19 is having on your life?

Let us help teach you how to alleviate stress in your body and build more physical and emotional resilience.

Join Cibele via Zoom virtual meeting to learn simple and quick skills to cope with life stressors, enhance your embodied awareness of stress and relaxation cycles and improve emotional resiliency. Feel immediate results.

A 3-week program for $150

Meets Tuesday at 2:00PM or 9:00PM Pacific Time

This group is appropriate for adult clients and clinicians that reside anywhere in the US.

To register contact Cibele Sousa,, 424-247-6172.

Cibele is a certified faciltator for Resilience ToolKit, TRE (Tension Release Exercise), and Neuroaffective Touch. Each of these techniques have been proven to reduce stress and build physical resilience. Cibele has success in reducing discomfort using these techniques with chronic pain and cancer recovery patients. She can also provide lessons in Portugese if requested.

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