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15 Reasons Summer Can Be Hard for People With Mental Illnesses

15 Reasons Summer Can Be Hard for People With Mental Illnesses

The summer solstice on June 21st, 2018 marked the official first day of summer. But summer is not always easy. Pacific Marriage and Family Therapy Network believes the article, 15 Reasons Summer Can Be Hard for People With Mental Illnesses, does a good job of reminding us that if summer is a hard time for you—although it is often a time associated with leisure, fun, and excitement—you are far from the only one that feels this way.

Haley Quinn in the article, 15 Reasons Summer Can Be Hard for People With Mental Illnesses, states:


Mental illnesses are persistent — they don’t just “turn off” because the weather is getting warmer or because you have a vacation planned. For many people struggling with mental illness, this persistence can make it hard to enjoy what many deem to be a “happier” or “more exciting” time of year.


The article gives direct quotes from people about summer and its pressures. Oftentimes, others expect you to be happy as the temperatures get hotter and supposedly our moods get brighter as well.

We hope you liked the different perspectives put forth in this article. It is important for us to realize that while our experience may seem unique, oftentimes others have experienced similar things as well.

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