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2021 - Tips for Setting Goals

We have reached a tough time during the pandemic. It is the new year but not much has changed just yet. However, this is a great time to refocus on yourself and get ready for when things do inevitably change.

When setting goals, it is important to frame them in the positive. It is easier to "add" than "subtract" or "start" instead of "stop." For example, instead of telling yourself, "I am going to stop spending so much time on screens," you can ask yourself, "What would I be doing instead?" Your goals then may sound more like, "Add in an hour of walking" or "Read a book for 15 minutes a day." When you operate in the negative, you feel negative. When you focus on the positive, you will feel more positive.

"The darkest hour is just before the dawn." ~ Thomas Fuller

Andrea Najemy, LMFT, Clinical Director and Supervisor

I am extremely passionate about helping people live their best lives and enjoy the process of getting to know my clients. I am strength-based and use a variety of techniques drawn from different therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and emotion-focused therapies. I have a warm, casual, friendly, and conversational style. During sessions I am interactive, connected, and do not take notes. Clients often comment on my ability to remember even small details about their lives. I work with teens and adults, individually, as a family, or within a relationship (couples).

During sessions, I like to find a balance between insight-oriented work and identifying practical solutions to improve the day to day. I work hard to learn about the client's lives in order to help identify patterns and make connections that weren't previously in awareness. I also encourage clients to dig deep and work hard in order to meet goals.


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