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Conscious Breathing for Self-Care and Present Moment Awareness

We’re nearly through the first month of a new year under unusual + extraordinary circumstances. Staying home so much due to the pandemic may have us feeling stifled, down a little bit…or a lot bit. Be kind to yourself in this moment. As you read this, take a conscious breath – i.n.h.a.l.e, e.x.h.a.l.e – and give yourself permission and space to feel what you do in this very moment. If you can name it, name it. If words don’t come, that’s okay, too. Take another conscious breath + note any physical sensations you have. Observe without judgment. If the judgment creeps in, just note that, too. One more breath in + out.

Tending to yourself in this way, one or more times a day, can help bring you into present moment awareness. You’re acknowledging and validating yourself by simply noting physical and emotional feelings. And you’re taking care of yourself with conscious breath. You’ve created space for you! Taking care of yourself in these unusual + extraordinary times is an act of love + hope.

Angela Repetti Miller, AMFT

It may be hard to name: sadness, nervousness, frustration, loneliness, shame. Maybe a mix of those + more. Life maybe brought losses or hardships, causing grief. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and things seemed to get harder, more complicated. You’re wondering if therapy can help. I’m Angela, and I’m compassionately curious about how your lived experience, including relationships, social forces, culture, and world goings-on, has brought you to this place.

The therapy relationship is a powerfully healing tool. Feeling safe, heard, + valued in and of itself can be transformative. Building trust, rapport, and respect are key in creating a safe + open space to do the vulnerable, brave work you’ve come to do. Consider me an emotional escort lending support as you make your way through an unsure, unsettling time. I’m also your teammate, working with you in pursuit of your goals, moving to align you more with what you value, creating space for more satisfaction, empowerment, and joy.

Angela is currently accepting online clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, call/ text or email her at (424) 262-1878;

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