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Gun violence and our children

My attention this past week has been drawn to the tragic events that have happened lately.

In the wake to violence towards children, your child may have intense feelings to feeling numb with reactions in between. There are several ways to engage with your child:

• Let your child talk about the incident

◦ If needed, start the conversation with your child, so they know you are interested in their perspective. In the course of the conversation, listen and don't interrupt. If misinformation comes up, gently correct with empathy and understanding. The timing of the conversation is important! Pick a time when your child will be most talkative or look for signs they are wanting to talk. Encourage and emphasize that your child is safe.

◦ When talking with your child, ensure the conversation is developmentally appropriate.

• Review safety protocols

• Be aware and limit what your child is taking in

◦ Limiting intake from media

◦ Watch adult conversations

• Seeking professional

◦ There may be intense emotions when traumatic events happen and additional support is needed. There are many mental health providers, which can help you, your child, and/or your family during this time.


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