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Welcome to the team, Savannah Okada!

All of us here at Pacific MFT Network are so excited to introduce and welcome the newest addition to our group practice, Savannah Okada. Our social media team had the chance to meet with her one-on-one and chat a bit about her experience as a therapist. Here are a few words from Savannah.

"I enjoy working with clients who are in the process of discovering themselves and may be experiencing life stressors and transitions. Many of my clients are navigating cultural obstacles, sudden changes to life plans, assimilation challenges, self-esteem, and healthy boundaries. Together, we explore their behaviors, which can be problematic, so we understand or create more adaptive and functional ones. In their journey for authenticity with me, clients may feel relief from their stress, anxiety, sadness, or depression.

In daily life, clients may experience invalidation within their relationships and seek to be seen. I meet my clients where they are, so they feel safe and understood. I believe everyone has a unique worldview, which is worthy to be recognized. From this sense of understanding and safety, the work to process past experiences, coping skills, and relationship patterns.

While working with me, clients can expect to be recognized for who they are and gently challenged in order for change to occur. Through the therapeutic process, my client may feel relief from the original reason that brought them to therapy.

I am so excited to work with clients, who are improving their lives and see the small and big victories in their life."

Savannah is currently accepting clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, call/ text/ or email her at Mobile: 424-226-2651



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