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2021 - Creating Positive Change

Creating positive change requires not just the setting of goals, but also the daily commitment of consistency in even the smallest of choices. Pick something small or big, so long as it's something that moves you in a direction consistent with your values. Break it down into manageable pieces. Change can be overwhelming so if you just focus on one thing at a time, it'll help keep you on track. Tell someone you trust about your plan. By saying out loud what you plan to accomplish, this will serve the dual function of increasing support and accountability when things get tough. Both are important. Take the time periodically to reflect on your overall progress, even if it's slower than what you want. This will help you see the forest from the trees, especially if you're feeling stuck. Reach out for help as needed. Most importantly, keep going and enjoy the journey!

Yael Eiserike, LCSW, Juris Doctor and Clinical Supervisor

As a lawyer-turned-social worker, I know the power of a good question. I am passionate about helping clients with sleep, anxiety, panic, and difficulties managing high-intensity careers. My clients share that I have been tremendously supportive in helping them work through these challenges, in addition to moving through grief and loss. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a career, or way of life, I can be a strong partner, even in working through all of the inevitable transitions required of the pandemic.

Yael is currently accepting online clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, call/ text or email her at (424) 254-9622;


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