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Mental Health Awareness: Nicole Bravo, AMFT

I am passionate about enhancing the self-perception of my clients. In many different ways, we are positioned to answer questions such as “Who am I?” and/or “Who do I want to become?” Some common contexts that these questions surface can be within the change of one’s career, communities, beliefs, or living situations. Enhancing our self-perception improves our self-esteem, connectedness to others, and benefits our overall mental well-being. Search for something this month that brings you closer to your most authentic self. Happy mental health awareness month!

My client’s enjoy our work together because I use an array of different theories. Most commonly, I use Narrative, Solution-Focused, Emotion-focused, CBT, and TF CBT. I am passionate about the mental health of my clients and how this interacts with their physical and spiritual wellbeing. My clients enjoy that I care for all aspects of their lives, valuing physical and spiritual needs in addition to their mental health concerns. I welcome my clients to see themselves, and events in their lives, through a multifaceted lens.

Therapy is a place to explore this concept within the context of their own lives. My clients achieve wellness within a therapeutic relationship built upon casual and free-flowing, collaborative conversations. My clients find success working with me as we work through such issues as family dysfunction, behavioral issues in children, Depression, Anxiety, Autism and other developmental disorders, ADHD, significant medical issues, trauma, and identity issues.

Clients often describe me as warm, compassionate, and empathetic. This is a product of the genuine care I feel towards my clients. My mission is to support clients with finding the best version of themselves, so they can live a more satisfying and productive life. Understanding my client’s values, beliefs, and passions allows me to guide them to their desired outcome. If you would like more information about my services, or would like to take the next step towards the best version of yourself, I welcome you to reach out to me.

Nicole is currently accepting online clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, please call/ text/ email her at 424- 257-0339 ;


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