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THERAPIST SPOTLIGHT: Angela Repetti Miller, AMFT and Art Therapist

At times experiences + feelings can be beyond words. Words may be insufficient to communicate just how painful, raw, or big something is for us. Sometimes images more effectively capture the essence of something significant we’re trying to express. Humans have recorded + expressed experiences visually for tens of thousands of years. It’s a way to get at deep meaning. Visual mark + craft making affirms our presence; handmade creations document our existence. And they can be powerful in therapy when used to convey meaning in our lives.

As a trained art therapist, I support you in creating your own symbolic visual language to reveal, share + understand your tender inner world in a safe, compassionate place. Making art during session seems to soften the inner dialogue, offering time to quietly & actively face matters as you creatively problem-solve how to express yourself. It’s a delicate way to tap into your inner knowing. You transform raw materials into meaningful symbols through your choice of colors, lines, textures, + shapes. Art making bypasses the pressure to apply logic to your feelings, allowing them to be as they may. Art making sublimates overwhelming experiences into tangible form, helping situations feel more manageable. Through art materials you give voice to muted thoughts + feelings, revealing internalized messages. Together we look at your visual communication exploring formative experiences, like shining a gentle light on the shadows.

Art therapy is a gift from you to you: space to sensitively tend to you. You interact + converse with yourself in new, supportive, + self-determined ways. You reimagine yourself while experimenting + playing with art materials. You activate underutilized + new neural pathways. This experimentation parallels you practicing enhanced perception + communication skills in your contexts + relationships. Art therapy provides opportunities to concretely say thank you + goodbye to unhelpful patterns so you can say hello + welcome to newfound opportunities. In its own beautiful way, your art acts as a record of your therapy experience, chronicling your self-exploration + growth.

Angela Repetti Miller, AMFT and Art Therapist

It may be hard to name: sadness, nervousness, frustration, loneliness, shame. Maybe a mix of those + more. Life maybe brought losses or hardships, causing grief. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and things seemed to get harder, more complicated. You’re wondering if therapy can help. I’m Angela, and I’m compassionately curious about how your lived experience, including relationships, social forces, culture, and world goings-on, has brought you to this place.

The therapy relationship is a powerfully healing tool. Feeling safe, heard, + valued in and of itself can be transformative. Building trust, rapport, and respect are key in creating a safe + open space to do the vulnerable, brave work you’ve come to do. Consider me an emotional escort lending support as you make your way through an unsure, unsettling time. I’m also your teammate, working with you in pursuit of your goals, moving to align you more with what you value, creating space for more satisfaction, empowerment, and joy.

Angela is currently accepting online clients. To learn more about her schedule and availability, call/ text or email her at (424) 262-1878;


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