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South Bay Womens Self-Love and Soul-Survival Movement

Heart and Soul: Beyond the Body-Image

Womens Group

- Rachel Cord, M.S., MFTI 89397

Under supervision of Tracy Bevington, LMFT 53455

This is a support and process group for women of all ages 18+ in the LA Area, who want to take their self-esteem beyond the body-image.

Rachel is gathering a group of women together to share, support, and love one another through a journey of learning to love and honor thyself...and being OK with that.

The South Bay / LA area is full of resources for us to improve our images and to “feel better” about ourselves — juice bars, over-priced boutiques, salons and spas, cycling studios, gyms….yes, these things can be incredible self-care tools for a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle…but health = balance.

We 100% support fitness and wellness of all kinds, but believe there is a need for increased focus on exercising our hearts and minds too, from the inside out.

We were designed to be something other than beautiful, fit, thin, wealthy, successful…& all those other “shoulds” you may tell yourself. And we are more than just what we do.

Let’s discover what that is together.

Experience open, loving, and nonjudgmental conversation about things like: media, cultural and societal pressures, parenting, being positive role models for young girls and boys, community change, marriage, relationships, friendships, raising healthy kids, fitness, holistic health, wellness resources....

Please contact Rachel for details, questions, comments. She would love to hear your thoughts, and work with you on this amazing journey of self-love and soul-survival! | (424) 247-6126


We provide teen, couples, and family therapy, and have therapists who are skilled in working with kids, teens, and adults experiencing difficult transitions, relationships, or emotions.


Pacific MFT Network is a professional network of highly skilled licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Interns that are committed to empowering a sense of self in our clients and helping them live the life they want. We do so by creating a relationship that is based on genuine care and concern, non-judgment, and support. Our mission is to help you help yourself live a happier and more satisfying life.

Manhattan Beach and West LA, CA

(310) 226 - 2826

© 2016 Rachel Cord, Pacific MFT Network

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