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Mental Health Awareness: Adelaide Rowe, AMFT

As a therapist who works with anxious individuals, many of my clients particularly have anxiety in social situations. A person who frequently experiences fear or anxiety when talking to others, public speaking, meeting new people, or just being around others may have Social Anxiety Disorder (also known as Social Phobia). Most of us periodically experience nerves in these situations, but those with Social Anxiety Disorder will be fearful or anxious to a disproportionate extent. Social Anxiety leads to impairment at work, school, or in relationships and often results in the avoidance of anxiety-provoking situations.

Fortunately, Social Anxiety is very treatable! Because anxiety becomes reinforced when you avoid situations that evoke excessive fear or anxiousness, facing your fears can be the most helpful thing you can do. As a therapist, I assist my clients in “facing their fears” through Exposure Therapy. In therapy, I like to help my clients take small steps towards their goals in a safe and organized way. I don’t want my clients to feel they are being pushed too far too quickly, but I do want them to challenge themselves and feel motivated to live the lives they want to live.

Successfully managing through high school and college can be challenging. Many of my clients find themselves sacrificing mental health for academic success or have difficulty with self esteem and confidence. In my practice, I help clients develop the emotional skills and ability to communicate their needs to get good grades, do extracurricular activities, and nurture friendships, family, and romantic relationships in a healthy manner. I help my clients thrive in these areas without falling apart, being overwhelmed, stressed, or feeling hopeless and partner with them to create a life that aligns with the values that are dear them.

My clients value the relationship we build together and the environment of compassion and non-judgement that I provide. We’ll discuss the parts of life that are causing stress, seem confusing, or don't make sense and work to build confidence and strength to meet personal goals. I’ll help you feel empowered to make decisions and communicate your needs.

Working with young adults and adolescents is my passion. It comes across to my clients. They often comment that they enjoy my humor and how relaxed and supported they feel in session with me. I take the time to listen and genuinely desire to understand my client's experience. I am available for sessions on weekday and Sunday afternoons and evenings.


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